CBT Assistant : DMK

Key Accountabilities;

-          Monitor activities of mishandles baggage.

-          Liaise with conveyor/ramp staff for any shortfalls.

-          Assist to reduce mishandling of baggage.

-          Provide fast and speedy recovery of mishandled baggage.

-          Assist passenger to retrieve their offloaded baggage due to Annex 17.

-          Create a baggage on hand record for unclaimed / surplus baggages

-          Conduct primary tracing on mishandled baggage cases.

-          Assist station for tracing mishandled baggage.

Education / Work Experience

-          Must be bachelor’s degree.

-          Can work under pressure.

-          Can work on a shifting basic

-          Good personality.

-          Can work overtime.

-          Computer literate.

       -      Fluency in English both written and spoken.